1. The simple life

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The simple life

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Switch off. Recharge. Go back to nature. Resort 2020 chimes with a desire for a more essential lifestyle. Tactile textiles like pure linen, cotton and organic fibres derived from banana leaves, soy and corn lead the way, while a cool, neutral palette offers a much needed moment of calm.

Straw hat with ribbon

€75.00  €45.00

Dress in linen canvas and jersey

€189.00  €132.00

Natural fibre kaftan

€189.00  €132.00

Natural fibre shirt

€155.00  €108.00

Poplin carrot-fit trousers

€115.00  €80.00

Leather and cord sandals

€199.00  €119.00
2 available colours

Pure and simple: black and white is strong and soothing.

Natural fibre blouse

€135.00  €94.00

Wide leg trousers in pure cotton

€115.00  €80.00
2 available colours

Corn fibre kaftan

€135.00  €81.00

Soy fibre kaftan

€135.00  €81.00

Pure linen shirt

€115.00  €80.00
2 available colours

Pleated linen trousers

€139.00  €97.00

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